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Dig It can provide you with all your wheeled skid steer loader or bobcat needs - large or small.

Mini Excavator Hire


Dig It can provide excavators in a range of sizes. Currently we have 1.5t, 3.5t, 5t, 8t, 14.5t, 24t and 30 tonne excavators.

Trucks and Tippers.

Trucks and Tippers

Dig It has a range of trucks available. The fleet includes 3t, 6t, 9t, and 12 tonne tippers, and 30 tonne truck and dog combinations.

Vacuum Truck.

Vacuum Truck

Dig It provides Vacuum excavation. This method is best suited to projects requiring pot holing and trenching.

Wheeled Loaders.

Wheeled Loader

Dig It provides you with all your wheeled loader needs to assist bulk excavation projects by enabling efficient loading of large trucks.

New Rates for the Best Excavation Contracting and Equipment Hire in Sydney

Dig It has new rates for 2015. While our rates have changed slightly, the quality of our work is top notch as usual. We supply the best multi-functional demolition, excavation and landscaping in Sydney and the Central Coast region.

In the eight years that Dig It has been operating, we’ve maintained the core values that we started with; integrity, balance, and gratitude. We’ve earned a strong reputation for our exceptional quality work, honesty, reliability and strong work-ethic. One reason for that is even though our hours of operation are 6am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 7am to 2pm on Saturdays, our clients can contact us 24/7. Fully licenced and insured, our highly skilled and efficient team, as well as our ever-expanding fleet of new and well-maintained modern specialist machinery, get the job done quickly and professionally.

Apart from demolition and landscaping, our services include bulk and detailed excavation, pool excavation, civil work, rock sawing and grinding, site-remediation, shoring and underpinning, soil and waste removal, and transportation of materials. We specialise in vacuum excavation. It’s a great option for pot holing and trenching as the air and water won’t damage the fragile utilities you’re working around, like gas mains and pipes, optic fibre cables, poly pipelines and water valves.

Our plant hire rates are more than reasonable considering the quality of the modern machinery we own.

We have found that some of the following factors can affect machine and truck hire prices:

  • Location – It is our experience that rural areas or areas that are further out of reach from where the plant is based will generally incur higher mobilisation and demobilisation costs. This comes down to availability – the supply and demand.
  • Size of machine - mobilisation and demobilisation costs vary significantly depending on the size of the machine.
  • Individual machine specifications – Just like buying a car, the machine specifications play a role in the hire price. The machine’s value is determined by its make, model, year and features such as GPS or a Universal Total Station (UTS).

Yes, our rates have changed a little, but we’ve kept them highly competitive and very affordable for the full spectrum of our clients: builders, electricians, large construction companies, landscapers, private home owners and plumbers. Contact us today on 0400306219 and have a chat to either Scott or Ian for our updated rates, free advice and a quote on all your excavation and demolition needs.

To view our online rates, click here. You can also download a PDF copy.

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