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Dig It can provide you with all your wheeled skid steer loader or bobcat needs - large or small.

Mini Excavator Hire


Dig It can provide excavators in a range of sizes. Currently we have 1.5t, 3.5t, 5t, 8t, 14.5t, 24t and 30 tonne excavators.

Trucks and Tippers.

Trucks and Tippers

Dig It has a range of trucks available. The fleet includes 3t, 6t, 9t, and 12 tonne tippers, and 30 tonne truck and dog combinations.

Vacuum Truck.

Vacuum Truck

Dig It provides Vacuum excavation. This method is best suited to projects requiring pot holing and trenching.

Wheeled Loaders.

Wheeled Loader

Dig It provides you with all your wheeled loader needs to assist bulk excavation projects by enabling efficient loading of large trucks.

Want a pool for summer? Get planning now!

Get a new pool NOW!

When is the best time to put in a pool?

Now that autumn is gone and winter is here, it’s the perfect time to start thinking of doing something about that swimming pool you’ve always wanted. Don’t leave it until Summer’s back. Get planning now. Swimming pools are perfect for the Australian lifestyle – sunny family days, making memories with friends around the BBQ and kids playing Marco Polo in the swimming pool.

A pool adds value to your home

A pool, whether it’s a family pool, a plunge pool or a lap pool adds great value to your house. In fact, any kind of water feature not only improves the value of your home but your home’s aesthetic appeal as well.

What kind of pool should I put in?

If you’re not sure whether you should have concrete or fibre glass here are some things to think about:

Fibre Glass Pools

Fibre glass pools come in ready-made shapes which makes them affordable and quicker to install than concrete. They are easy to maintain and because of their smooth non-abrasive finish they don’t react with pool chemicals.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools can be created in any shape and used in both indoor and outdoor locations. You could even combine them and have a pool that forms a part of both your home interior and your garden landscape. Because of their versatility, concrete pools can be designed as more than just a pool. The only limit is your imagination. You could include stunning features such as wet edges, spas, beach areas, islands, steps and ledges.

Here at Dig It, we have all the necessary equipment needed to excavate sites to accommodate both concrete and fiberglass pool structures.

Our highly expert crew, who have the capacity and well-earned reputation for exceptional quality work, along with our mini-excavators, wheelbarrows and conveyors, are able to reach and work in, even the tightest access spaces. In fact, it’s one of our specialities.

What’s involved in putting in a pool?

There are four main areas – pre-planning, getting council approval, checking for rock or existing utilities and actual excavation.


We offer free site visits where we can help you decide on what kind of pool suits your outside area or garden and your needs, as well as assist you in planning. Dig It prefers to personally discuss your requirements, and offer you different options to suit your budget.

Dial-Before-You-Dig Assessment

There may be utilities, rock or other underground natural materials that might hinder your pool’s installation. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of Sydney and its surrounding areas we can tell which areas are more likely to contain rock.

We highly recommend that you contact Dial-Before-You-Dig for an assessment as soon as you have decided where you’d like to put your swimming pool. Dial-Before-You-Dig is a free national referral service that makes life a lot easier for everyone. Its main aim is to prevent damage and disruption to the vast pipe and cable networks which provide Australia with essential services. They have a unique partnership with Australia’s utility providers and will contact them on your behalf. Simply tell them where you plan to put the pool and they will contact the relevant underground utility provider. They will get back directly to you with the cable and pipe location information.

Accidentally disrupting the utilities could add days, if not weeks to your pool installation, or in fact any build, as they get repaired. Which is why Builders, Contractors, Developers, Electricians, Excavators, Farmers, Home Owners, Landscapers, Land Surveyors, Locators, Planners and Plumbers all over Australia are using Dial-Before-You-Dig.

Dial-Before-You-Dig can be contacted via their website www.1100.com.au. If you’re using a smartphone you’ll need to register on a desktop site in order to access their mobile service.

The actual swimming pool excavation

We specialise in preparing your site:

  • Land clearing to remove all the vegetation and top soil to expose the rock beneath,
  • Levelling the site to make sure your pool goes in correctly and not at an angle,
  • Cutting and filling. If you have an old pool and want to replace it then we can remove it, while at the same time cutting the new shape. In the hands of our skilled team, our rock saws and hammers can cut through sandstone, rock and concrete with astonishing precision, creating exactly the shape hole your pool requires, no matter how detailed.
  • Jack hammering to break down the size of rock for easier removal.
  • Clearing all the rock away. You can also rely on us to remove any soil or waste and transport all the materials.
  • Once your pool is in we can also assist with site restoration.

How long will it take to install my pool?

Putting in a swimming pool whether is fibre glass or concrete, is not a one day job. It’s not even a weekend job. Aim to set aside a minimum of two weeks for a fibre glass pool and ten weeks for a concrete after the necessary Council approval has been granted. This is the minimum; it may take longer, especially if there are underground utilities that need to be taken into consideration.

Will the weather be a problem?

If you’d like the swimming pool for summer then winter is the best time to install it. As you know winter is Sydney’s rainy season with the most rain falling between March and June. Having said that, our fully licenced, insured and efficient team work in all weather conditions and with all soil types to get the job done quickly and professionally. We even work around the ocean tides timetable (see our video for proof!).

If you would like a quick estimate you can use our swimming pool calculator. Or contact us today on 1800 344 448 and have a chat to either Scott or Ian for a quote on all your swimming pool or water feature excavation needs.

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