Our Machines



Dig It can provide you with all your wheeled skid steer loader or bobcat needs - large or small.

Mini Excavator Hire


Dig It can provide excavators in a range of sizes. Currently we have 1.5t, 3.5t, 5t, 8t, 14.5t, 24t and 30 tonne excavators.

Trucks and Tippers.

Trucks and Tippers

Dig It has a range of trucks available. The fleet includes 3t, 6t, 9t, and 12 tonne tippers, and 30 tonne truck and dog combinations.

Vacuum Truck.

Vacuum Truck

Dig It provides Vacuum excavation. This method is best suited to projects requiring pot holing and trenching.

Wheeled Loaders.

Wheeled Loader

Dig It provides you with all your wheeled loader needs to assist bulk excavation projects by enabling efficient loading of large trucks.

No job is too complicated for Dig It Civil

Dig It Civil has been in operation for over 10 years this year and we have definitely faced some challenging projects over that time. Facing those projects head on we have learnt to think on our feet and outside the box, so when the inevitable roadblocks in our projects present themselves we are always prepared.

This month we highlight three of our most challenging projects, discussing how Dig It Civil proactively faced these challenges and successfully completed these jobs.

Limited or Confined Space

We are often asked to work on projects that have a limited swing area or confined workspace. Just recently we worked on a project in Wolseley Road, Point Piper where the work space was only 90cm wide . In such a confined space, we needed to crane the excavator in over three separate pieces and reassemble the machine inside the workspace. This is no problem for Dig It Civil as our smallest excavator is only a meter wide, has a zero-swing circumference and is extremely light weight, weighing only 1.7 Tonnes These can easily be craned onto any construction site or work area and squeezed into the smallest of spaces.

Tide Dependent

Excavating the pool on a waterfront property in Cremorne, the job was so close to the ocean that the project was affected by the tide. This meant we only had a 2.5-hour window each day to work in but our Posi Track drove around in sea water between 0.3 and 0.7 meters deep without a hitch, completing the job in just under two weeks. This project also had limited access to roads and streets so the machinery needed to be barged in and out of site each day by sea, not a problem for the Dig It team.

Precision and Artisanal design

We recently completed a project in Annandale where we excavated land to create a feature wall for a multi-story car stacker, the restoration project needed precision rock sawing to present the sedimentary rock and shale for an older style house restoration. This restoration project saw our lightest excavator the 1.7 tonne machine, precision rock saw its way through approximately 250 tonnes of rock. This machine was ideal as it makes little noise and vibration perfect for the older style building restoration and the limited noise from this machine keeps the close neighbors and council on side.

We love a challenge at Dig It Civil, no job is too big or too small. If you have a project you would like us we will quote on call us today on 1800 344 448 and we will quote free of charge within 48 hours.