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What does it take to work at Dig It Civil?

Dig It Civil are always on the lookout for talented staff, either eager university graduates wanting work experience or experienced construction staff looking for a new opportunity but, what does it take to work here?
No job is too complicated for Dig It Civil

No job is too complicated for Dig It Civil

This month we highlight three of our most challenging projects, discussing how Dig It Civil proactively faced these challenges and successfully completed these jobs.
Finding the right type of excavator for your needs

Getting ready for summer - 6 things you need to know for an effortless pool excavation

Are you thinking about building a pool in your backyard this summer? Do you dream of a cold dip after a long day? Well, Dig It Civil is here to help.
Finding the right type of excavator for your needs

Finding the right type of excavator for your needs

Modern day excavators are very versatile. They’re often multifunctional and multipurpose coming in different shapes, sizes and attachments depending on the particular requirements of your job. So how do you decide which excavator is right for your needs?
Dig It Civil Supports Dry July

Dig It Civil Supports Dry July

This July, an average of 11,181 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer. Dig It Civil are dedicated to reducing these numbers, and will sponsor, participate and support Dry July to raise funds for people affected by cancer.
The construction industry is going green

The construction industry is going green

The construction industry has recently undergone changes to ensure that they meet the ever-growing consumer demands of ecofriendly housing designs and energy efficient constructions.
Operating heavy machinery

Operating heavy machinery and equipment

Every year, thousands of workers who use heavy machinery and equipment, suffer horrific injuries in NSW workplaces.
Asbestos risks increase as NSW home renovations rise

Asbestos risks increase as NSW home renovations rise

Reports of asbestos in residential and commercial construction sites have almost doubled in the past five years, data from SafeWork NSW has revealed.
Interview with Scott Remond

Q&A with Scott Remond – DIG ITs Managing Director

A few quick minutes with Scott to find out a little more about him, the history of DIG IT, the highs and lows he’s experienced over the past 10 years and the advice he has for others starting out on their own.


Piling goes hand in hand with a demolition, excavation and construction project but to the untrained, or unfamiliar person, you may be wondering what Piling actually means and why is it needed.
New rates

New Equipment Hire Rates

With each new year comes a slight variation in our prices which you can view here. Whilst these rates have changed very slightly, we’ve kept them highly competitive and very affordable for the full spectrum of our clients.
10th Anniversary

Celebrating 10 Years

2017 sees DIG IT CIVIL celebrate 10 years of business. That is 10 whole years of serving the Sydney community with its various demolition and excavation needs.
Hire a bobcat

Bobcat Hire with DIG IT

Are you embarking on a home renovation or maybe a large-scale building development? If so, a Bobcat is sure to become your new best friend!
Hire a truck or tipper

In need of a truck and driver for hire?

Whether you are in need of a truck for removing rubbish, clearing demolition waste or unloading soil and aggregates, DIG IT has the right truck for you!
Under house excavation

Under House Excavation

Want to add space and potential value to your property without annoying the neighbours with a big build that impacts their view?
The Life of an Excavation Contractor

Life of an Excavation Contractor

It wouldn’t be too far from the truth to think that many excavation contractors do what they do as they couldn’t bear to give up their childhood dump trucks.
Excavation Equipment & Hire

Excavation Equipment & Hire

Whether it be residential, commercial or industrial, DIG ITs extensive fleet of specialist plant and equipment hire could be just what you need and the team here are ready and waiting to advise you accordingly!
The Proven Reliability of Dig It

The Proven Reliability of Dig It

Dig It has a large reliable team on hand to help. We're contactable 24/7 to do what your excavation contractor should have done.
Experts in Truck Haulage and Waste Disposal

Experts in Truck Haulage and Waste Disposal

We not only hire out the best trucks in the business but can also dispose of all waste types.
Civil Construction and Landscaping

Civil Construction and Landscaping by Professionals

An explanation of civil construction and our services in relation to this area.
Asbestos Removal and Demolition

Asbestos Removal and Demolition

Asbestos is a dangerous substance - we adhere to the Australian code of practise for asbestos removal and we have a Class A asbestos removal licence.

Specialists in Rock Sawing, Jack Hammering and Rock Breaking

Six kilometres of sandstone lie under Sydney, so it’s no surprise that many landscaping or construction projects involve some Rock Sawing, Hammering and Rock Breaking.

New Work Horses in the Dig It Stable!

We’ve acquired four exciting new thoroughbreds in our equipment stable! We've got the best machines on the market.

Get planning now for your Sydney summer swimming pool!

Now that autumn is gone and winter is here, it’s the perfect time to start thinking of doing something about that swimming pool you’ve always wanted. Click here for more information.

New Rates for the Best Excavation Contracting and Equipment Hire in Sydney

Our new machine hire rates information is now out! To view our online rates, click here. You can also download a PDF copy.

See our BuildIT NSW Online Publication Advertisement…

Our new brochure is out. Click here to view it now.

5 Things to Ask Your Swimming Pool Excavation Contractor

Dig It Contracting has been helping Sydney homeowners achieve their dream of having their very own swimming pool for over 7 years through skillful ground excavation. Having completed hundreds of swimming pool excavations across the Greater Sydney Region, Scott and the team have put together the top 5 questions you need to ask your potential swimming pool excavator!