Our Machines



Dig It can provide you with all your wheeled skid steer loader or bobcat needs - large or small.

Mini Excavator Hire


Dig It can provide excavators in a range of sizes. Currently we have 1.5t, 3.5t, 5t, 8t, 14.5t, 24t and 30 tonne excavators.

Trucks and Tippers.

Trucks and Tippers

Dig It has a range of trucks available. The fleet includes 3t, 6t, 9t, and 12 tonne tippers, and 30 tonne truck and dog combinations.

Vacuum Truck.

Vacuum Truck

Dig It provides Vacuum excavation. This method is best suited to projects requiring pot holing and trenching.

Wheeled Loaders.

Wheeled Loader

Dig It provides you with all your wheeled loader needs to assist bulk excavation projects by enabling efficient loading of large trucks.

What does it take to work at Dig It Civil?

Dig It Civil are always on the lookout for talented staff, either eager university graduates wanting work experience or experienced construction staff looking for a new opportunity but, what does it take to work here?

We’ve had a look at what makes Dig It such a great place to work and discovered it’s these 5 characteristics that are found in all our staff along with the flexible and approachable management style of Dig It that makes it an outstanding place to work.

  1. Proactive: - Dig It employees pride themselves on their “can do” attitude, we are all highly motivated, work well as a team and have a positive outlook.
  2. Teamwork: - We’re like a little family here at Dig It, we’re all friendly, team players by nature and we’re not afraid to help out anyone when necessary.
  3. Passion: - We all love what we do because it’s forever changing and every project is so different from the last. Our work is fast paced, challenging and exciting and we’re all passionate about this industry.
  4. Multi-skilled: - One of the best things about working at Dig It is you never stop learning and enhancing your skills. We pride ourselves on being a well-rounded, multi – talented bunch and give our workers the opportunity to work on various tasks so they’re forever learning and never bored!
  5. Drive: - We employ driven staff who are dedicated to achieving high standards in all projects they undertake. We have full trust in our staff and with a flat management structure we all thrive in the open communication of the Dig It workplace.

If you’re looking for a career move and you feel you have these 5 key skills give us a call today on 1800 344 448 to discuss any job availabilities at Dig It.