Bulk & Detailed Civil Excavation

Our civil bulk and detailed excavation service

DIG IT specialises in excavating construction sites throughout the Sydney metropolitan and Central Coast regions. Our fleet of modern machines—including a truck and dog trailer combination—is capable of carrying up to 30 tonnes of material per load, so you can complete the project on time and within budget.

Our qualified and experienced team can manage every aspect of the excavation process, including clearing land, excavating rock and managing bulk earthworks and landfill in preparation for construction. We offer bulk excavation services that involve removing, moving or adding large quantities of soil or rock from a particular location to another.

We also specialise in detailed excavations to form:

  • building foundations
  • footings
  • lift wells in spaces with tight access or difficult angles, using mini-excavators as well as rock saw and hammer attachments that offer a precise cut every time.

Our buckets, augers and grabs allow us to complete:

  • land clearing
  • cut and fill
  • site levelling
  • trenches
  • final trimming on projects of all sizes.

Our team, in collaboration with industry experts, will ensure that all underground utilities are located and disconnected before any works begin. Detailed excavation will be completed safely around utilities, drainage and electrical services, in line with applicable regulations. We will work within the asset protection, tree and work hours outlined in your Development Application (DA) and other permits required by your local council.

Our Excavators, Posi Tracks and Trucks & Tippers are available for wet hire with experienced operators who will provide all the necessary attachments. Most of our machines are fitted with reverse cameras and feature emergency stop buttons for your safety. They also have air-conditioned cabs, so the operator can continue working in adverse conditions.

We can quote on bulk and detailed excavations based on a per cubic metre rate, per tonne rate, or as a lump sum price so you are aware of all the costs and can stay within your budget.

DIG IT provides a large range of services for both residential and commercial projects. To find out how we can help you, please send us a quote request or call now on 1800 344 448.

Alternatively, please submit your details below and one of our specialists will call you to arrange a convenient time to carry out a free site visit and formal quote.

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